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Dakcota where is the krosus one alraidy?
Uschu sheevah sucks
Sheevah a You're all jealous because of my lovely cakes...

Teri dominator Why cant u guys take a decent screenshot without me being there?

excitee Might be someone who sucks, right Uschu ;)
Uschu Do anyone see the Tree? no, no one ? exactly ... who the fuck took that pick :p
excitee Best xmog and best spot for the screen cap goes to me B)
helekõre   published Our girls (Yoginka, Ciyoko, Elinior) decided that Aluriel is perfect match for Vauss... They were so wrong.... 5/10M on News
helekõre   published D.E.H.T.A is happy... Kyva... i mean Krosus does not pollute the water anymore 4/10M on News
Tacrus   registered to Honorbound
polos11   registered to Honorbound
Winddiesel   registered to Honorbound
Revlen   registered to Honorbound
Krahenos   created a new thread Guild audit spreadsheet in the Site Suggestions forum
Uschu   added 180 Advanced days to Honorbound
Ebonleaf   registered to Honorbound
helekõre   published Plan was raid Sheevah bakery.. but it was so boring.. so we visited Trilliax and killed him 3/10M on News
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