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Teri dominator Why cant u guys take a decent screenshot without me being there?

excitee Might be someone who sucks, right Uschu ;)
Uschu Do anyone see the Tree? no, no one ? exactly ... who the fuck took that pick :p
excitee Best xmog and best spot for the screen cap goes to me B)

Prince of Darkness - Dreamer

Uschu very good picture choice :) .... sheevah sucks <3
Teri dominator brb finding a magnifying glass

Merry Christmas Everyone!

helekõre a posted Dec 24, 16

excitee We downed him because my transmog is on point. B)
Brasshorns gratz all
Sue grats!
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helekõre   published When Skorpyron noticed Disco-Trance Bear in his chambers... he simply gave up.. 1/10M on News
helekõre   published We wanted to know, why Phaethon says "sheevah sucks"... after killing Sheevah master, everything was clear! 10/10H on News
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helekõre   published Prince of Darkness wanted his song title back, so we did journeyed into Xavius %#%#hole and got it for him! 7/7M! on News
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