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helekõre a maybe its hidden message?
Sheevah a I'll just consider the "sheevah sucks" comment a total accident
KraHen wtf was I doing facing the back

Uschu that for sure is Querthal

helekõre a Elinior did ninja it!
Uschu where is my Brockus Loot?
Nibs Brockus is one of the drops?

LSD Congrats on finally getting that skate wearing cowbag down!
helekõre a wipes are like offsides in football:P
Nibs To be fair, she probably wiped the raid more than 0 times, so the scoreline may need altering?

Teri dominator You make it sound like im dead all the time... ohh right i am...
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Honorbound has reached a new hit record of 49 unique hits today!
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helekõre   published Dead again... but im sure he will send us a postcard from the Twisting Nether and a pineapple for Uschu on News
helekõre   published Nice picture of Qerthal, wait.... its Mannoroth and he is dead, again... better late than never on News
Feng and Shirida registered to Honorbound
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Aswadd   added 90 Advanced days to Honorbound
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