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Uschu OMG how could this happen, no one said "Sheevah Sucks"? Really .. no one? cmon we have to do it again.

Sheevah a Don't you wonder how we jumped from 5/11 to 8/11? Where's 6 & 7 Smellykore?? And...SHEEVAH IS AWESOME!
Shantal Sheevah sucks, why haven't you posted Coven one yet ?
Shantal Sheevah's awesome!
helekõre   published "Cats are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." RIP Pil.. We are with you Keliah! on News
helekõre   published Zek’voz can Zek’off 3/8M! on News
Biglennie   registered to Honorbound
Gliandra   added 90 Advanced days to Honorbound
helekõre   added 30 Advanced days to Honorbound
Madh   registered to Honorbound
Jaggermasta   registered to Honorbound
Yerug   registered to Honorbound
Gubiak and Phreak registered to Honorbound
Torkjell   registered to Honorbound
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